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Welcome Message

I am so excited for your interest in the North Coast Men’s Chorus College Outreach Program! Through collaborative events and programming, this outreach program is aimed to design an inclusive environment for LGBT college students and allies to network outside their own undergraduate institution. Please check out the pillars of our outreach program (outlined below) and we hope to see you more in the future!

Patrick Carpenter
Chair, NCMC College Outreach Program

Pillars Of The College Outreach Program

  • Networking with peers and chorus members: To educate and share the North Coast Men’s experiences of navigating through the challenges of being LGBTQIA+ with college GSA students.
  • Complimentary tickets: To provide LGBTQIA+ college students and allies with complimentary tickets to our concerts.
  • Cultural impact: To continually make sure we are receiving feedback from the LGBTQIA+ community on how to improve upon our program – on how we can make our programs more impactful, more educational, and more fun.
  • Co-sponsor college-based activities: To sponsor and support LGBTQ-related activities to increase student participation and inclusion at targeted colleges and universities both on and off campus.

NCMC Sponsored Programs

  • NEOHA Fall BBQ (September)
  • National Coming Out Day (October)
  • John Carroll University Drag Show (October)
  • GLSEN Day of Silence (April)
  • GSAs Together (April)
  • Pride (June)

NCMC Co-Sponsored Programs

  • We want to help your school’s GSA as much as possible! NCMC College Outreach can co-sponsor events. Send ideas of programs you’d like to see at your school to!

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